Capturing moments in imagery

Moments are Magic

Our lives are composed of millions of these fleeting moments, and to me a photograph is about capturing and keeping some of that magic - making you feel like you were there, or reminding you how you felt when you were.

Explore some of those moments here, or contact me so I can help capture some of yours.

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My approach to portraits differs from many. I prefer a candid style, capturing each person and the uniqueness they bring. Often mixing color and black-and-white, I seek to create a relaxed environment on location.

Performing Arts

Moments as they are. Capturing events is about having a vigilant eye and discretely capturing the excitement, the humor, the quiet reflection, the joy. Specializing in the performing arts and parties/functions, I am happy to help you capture and re-live important moments.

Sports Marketing

At game-time or during the hard work preparing for it, capturing images of the excitement of live-action is crucial to conveying the fun, excitement, and presence of being there.

Bali, Indonesia


With an extensive portfolio encompassing images from ~40 countries and 5 continents, take a journey with me and explore the world through photographs.