Senior Photos

Senior photos mark the closing of one life-chapter and the start of another. My casual approach is designed to capture timeless images of the places most reflective of your personal journey.

Included is 90 minutes of on-location shooting time, post-processing, and digital delivery for one subject. Discounts apply to additional subjects, and fine art enlargements are available for purchase.


University of Maryland


Concerts and the Performing Arts

Capturing the performing arts takes insight, discretion, and empathy with the art form and its message.

Includes photography, post-processing, digital delivery, permissive licensing. Ensemble photos and reprints available for additional fee.

From $295

Location Shooting

Your job might not fit nicely into a categorized box. My photojournalistic style is well suited to capturing moments as they are. Contact me for a custom quote to meet your unique needs.

From $195

Fine Art Prints

With images collected and curated from across the globe, create a custom display piece for your space to meet almost any need, from desktop curio to exhibition display.

On Request


Do you charge by the hour? What if my session goes over?

I take a casual approach to shooting, offering a fixed price based upon the needs and complexities of a shoot. My shoot session duration estimates are just that, and presented to give a general expectation, and I don't monitor minute-by-minute.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No. My standard delivery is a digital download, affording your the opportunity to make prints at the location of your choice. While you are not obligated to do so, I also offer prints through curated labs to assure the finest quality enlargements .

How many pictures will you deliver?

It depends, but I don't set specific quantities nor do I hold-back images because of a commission price. You will receive every image that passes my quality control. Generally a "short" shooting session of 60-90 minutes will yield approximately 35 images.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use the highest-end digital bodies from Nikon and professional quality lenses. I'm pleased to have been accepted into Nikon Professional Services as of 2022.

For those interested in the techincal stuff, I have two bodies - A Nikon Z9 and Nikon D6, and I use lenses ranging from 14mm to 300mm, with a combination of primes and zooms.

Do you do special assignments? What if my needs aren't listed?

Just ask! I'm happy to work up a quotation if it is something I can do, and if your needs aren't my strengths I'll tell you that too. I won't accept a job I can't do well.

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